What’s On My Sewing Table – March

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Glossing over the fact that I haven’t updated in a pinch over a year, let’s talk about what is on my sewing table for the month of March. 

MOCHA Puff Sleeve Blouse

I’ve been going over my wardrobe and it seems a big gap for me is tops and I think my list reflects that. I placed the Mocha Puff Sleeve Blouse on my sewing list because it gives me the impression of being a classic style that can be worn with a variety of bottoms. I think styles like this are simple and feminine, which I think suits me. 

I’m currently making one out of forest green cotton and if I fall in love with it, I will probably make my own white or ivory version, probably in a linen noil.

MOCHA Double Layered Sleeve

Another style I think is simple, yet interesting. The double layered sleeve detail is just pizazz for me for such a simple shirt. I was thinking about doing the bottom layer of the sleeve a different color from the top one, though still in the same color family, to make it slightly more interesting. 

This shirt I’m making out of cotton as well, but in a kind of mossy green (pictured above). It’s definitely a kind of yellow-green color that I can’t help but being drawn to despite preferring deeper greens.

Friday Pattern Co. – Wilder Gown

I love the Wilder Gown in double cotton gauze as a house dress! The version I’m working on is a gift for a friend since she seemed pretty interested in mine when I wore it while visiting her. 

My version is made from this Eucalyptus Leaves print.

She wanted one in exactly the same fabric, however as it was sold out, I settled on this butterfly pattern and I’m so glad the first choice was sold out. Not because I don’t want matching dresses, but when I saw this fabric in person, it was so easy to envision her in it and I felt like it was a match for how I see her.

Somehow, I feel as though the bright colors and the pretty flowers and butterflies would just suit her much more than the more subdued fabric. I think she’ll love it.

Design It Sew It – Kelly Bikini Top 

Two versions of this fully reversible bikini top are on my list, one for me and one for a friend!

I started dabbling in making swimwear bottoms late last year mostly because I wanted more options for pole shorts. The designs of many polewear companies can double as swimwear. Thus, I figured that with a few modifications and the use of the right fabric, I would be able to make a cute bathing suit that can also be used for pole. 

I’m still in the process of working on that, but I really like this top in general so I will make one. My friend seems to prefer a little more coverage too so now she gets one as well.

MOCHA Chanice Shorts

What I loved about these was that they seem like a circle skort! What’s not to love about that? I love flowy pieces and I feel as though these will be really cute. I’m making them in the same green fabric as the mocha puff sleeve blouse because I feel like I’ll get a lot range with that color when it comes to matching it to tops. I really wanted the Bermuda version, which is the slightly longer, green version in the image above. Unfortunately though, I miscalculated the amount of fabric I would need for both the blouse and the shorts, so I’m making the Jamaica length, which is the shortest (red) version in the image. Hopefully they still come out great!

Personally, I think that list is quite enough for one month, so now it’s just a matter of getting it done! I’ll follow up to let you know how it goes.

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