Learning to Code #1

I’ve sat down to write this entry about six times, and each time, I haven’t been sure of what approach to take. It’s not very interesting, but I’ve decided to take my coding adventures more seriously. As proof, last year I signed up for a Blueprint through Skillcrush…and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with… Read More Learning to Code #1


Meetings With Mr.World

My school has two new teaching advisors for the Japanese teachers since there have been changes in the curriculum this year. These teachers rotate through the schools and give help give feedback to the teachers on how to improve their English lesson. One of them carries a world map satchel, so I’ll call him Mr.World.… Read More Meetings With Mr.World


Life is…

Life is… Finally deciding to book that trip to Taiwan with your boyfriend. Having to listen to him talk smack about how he was ready to book weeks ago. Asking him for his passport information so you can buy the plane tickets… And finding out his passport expired last year.   Guess it’s back to… Read More Life is…