About Brittany


It has been a long time coming but finally sitting down to get this started.

About Me :

Hi there! My name is Brittany, American born, raised, and lived up until January 2016 when I moved out to Japan for language school. I had just graduated from university, with a bachelors in Communication in 2015 (particularly focused on video shooting, editing, and marketing). At the time I had no real job set up yet, and was (and I’m still) trying to figure things out. I worked, saved up, and with a bit of help from mom and dad, left everything and came out here to study Japanese. Until then I had never been outside the country, though I have done quite a bit of traveling in country. This has been my first real experience completely on my own though. I was 22 years old at the time, and soon I am going to be 24 years old.

I really do enjoy traveling. Going to new places is exciting, taking pictures becomes memory keepsakes to share, and seeing/experiencing new things makes my mind race. Particularly the old, history full variety, like temples, old houses, museums, and Japan has a lot of those. I really do like Japan, and Japanese too. (Sometimes.) It really has turned into a love/hate relationship for me since living here and studying at a language school for over a year straight now.  Of course I had my illusions and limited ideas and views on what Japan may be like before coming. They were quick about bursting my naive, ignorant bubble though, which is just fine. Keep bringin’ it Japan, bring it on!

Hobbies :

Reading, a biggie! I enjoy drawing as well. I have also been walking/jogging more. I like getting a feel for my surroundings, maybe even see something new. (Though, in the beginning, it was more to be sure I was really out here abroad and it wasn’t all just a dream.)  While in university I didn’t have much time for video games, but I’ve picked back up on them here. I’ve been using 動物の森 (Animal Crossing) to study. Very casual Japanese used throughout the game, as well as 敬語(keigo), and tons of useful vocab! (Highly recommend it!)

Goals :

#1 current goal : JLPT N2 (First attempt ever on July 02, 2017.)

Update 2017.04 : I failed it! But… if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

#2 Save money.


Contact Info:

IG : bameverywhere

Twitter : @BAMeverywhere