Fibre Mood Tanita Top Review

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The Fibre Mood Tanita Top is the perfect easy pattern for getting your sewjo back or completing as a palate cleanser. The pattern is a boat neck crop top, but is easily customizable if you want to play with the length. I decided to make this pattern because I really like shirts with this shape and since it only needed about a yard and a half of fabric, I figured it would be a great small project to complete. 

I made my shirt out of a rayon poplin that I bought from needle-sharp in 2022. Officially, it is the Telio Pink Expressionist Print Rayon Poplin (found here, still in stock at the time of writing this). I bought this fabric because I wanted to try something new since I never really buy patterned fabric. I actually LOVE it and I wear this shirt nearly once a week. 

Telio Pink Expressionist Print Rayon Poplin

I originally intended to sew this top for my trip to Fiji, along with other things, but it never happened. I finally got around to it this past summer and I’m sad I didn’t make this top sooner. 

This project is such a good palate cleanser because it consists of only three pattern pieces. JUST THREE! The front, the back, and the bias fabric for the neckline. Elastic is also needed for the hem and sleeves, but no additional fabric is needed.

I believe I sewed an XL and I did add an inch onto the bottom of the pattern. When I make this again, I will make it even longer, because while I like the style of this top, I don’t necessarily like crop tops on myself. Also, this one matches perfectly with a skirt that I wear for work, but because it is a little short, it doesn’t really stay slightly tucked as I usually like, which is influencing my desire for a longer shirt. 

I think the most difficult part of this pattern was adding my own seam allowances. The instructions tell you how much to add and where though, which is nice. Other than that, this was very straightforward, with clear instructions, and I was able to complete the pattern quickly once I cut my fabric. Besides wanting to add to the length to the pattern, I wouldn’t change anything else because I like it enough as is! Definitely something I would make again. 

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