Finish it up February – Results

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Guess who’s back!

Well, of course the answer is me. I’m always in and out.

February 2022 I did my own little “project” of sorts which, as you can see from the title, I called “Finish it up February.” The idea was to try to complete some projects where I precut the fabric but never did any of the sewing.

Considering this wasn’t a real event and I only started late in the month, I’m pleased with the results. I was able to get the following projects finished:

  • The Assembly Line Cuff Dress (x2)
  • Closet Core Patterns Cielo Top
  • True Bias Ogden Cami (x2)
  • True Bias Mave Skirt
  • Deer and Doe Myosotis Dress

Not too shabby!

Of course reviews will be coming to the blog, which means my youtube channel and instagram page will be getting more updates as well. I have other projects in the works as well, but let’s save that for a separate post.

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