Finding Plus-Sized Clothes in Japan

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Well, this post has been a long time coming!

Nobody asked, but I’m here to deliver some insider news on where to get plus-sized clothes in Japan. I also have some suggestions on how to find plus-sized clothing brands and how to get the best fit for your clothes!

Sound interesting?

Then let’s get started!

When I first came to Japan, I thought it would be hard to find clothes in my size. And it was! Mainly because I didn’t know where to look. So, first I want to give you some tips on how to show and then how to find these places before I give a few examples of brands that sell plus sized clothing.

Tip #1 (and arguably the most important)- TAKE YOUR MEASUREMENTS

I cannot stress this enough when you are doing your shopping. It doesn’t matter where the brand you are shopping from originates number sizes usually differ between brands and countries. The best way to avoid confusion and get an accurate idea of if something will fit is to take your measurements and refer to them.

Sometimes you’ll run across brands that have cute clothes but might only do the dreaded FREESIZE. However, if you have your measurements, you’ll be able to tell if you can fit or not. Same for clothes with stretchy bands or loose fits that might not be labeled as plus-sized.

I do this in the US; I do this in Japan; I do this for UK brands like ASOS. If I’m shopping online, I’m checking those measurements. And I suggest you do too.

Tip #2 – La Farfa Magazine

La Farfa (https://lafarfa.jp/) is Japan’s most prominent (only?) plus-sized focused magazine. I believe it releases every two months. This magazine is great because it is focused on showcases various styles of plus-sized fashion and on different body types. Whether you like the trends shown there or not, this is still a great reference because it lists brands that carry larger sizes. From there you can look up these brands (and most have online stores) and voila! Clothes on clothes on clothes.

This magazine is also great because it comes with makeup freebies and there’s no fat shaming, focus on weight loss, etc. It’s all about you living your best life and being cute while doing it. I’m with it.

Tip #3 – Instagram

Instagram can be your best friend. I use it to find delicious looking places to eat when I go out of town, but it can also be used to find a plethora of plus-sized fashion brands. How? Follow plus sized people or the right hashtags, and you’ll never run out of ideas.

(You can also follow me on Instagram here. I don’t post my outfits yet, but I’m about to start, and I have a lot of Japan pictures already. I also post about studying for the N1 which isn’t related to this but dammit I’m going to self-plug anyway.)

A lot of people who post, have no issues posting their measurements or at the very least where they bought items. Some of my favorites to follow are:


I love how detailed her posts are, and I like her style. She also updates her IG stories every day and blogs a lot with info on how the fabric of something is and why it is the right choice for someone with a little extra weight. Definitely a good resource.


She posts a lot of skirt outfits, which I like — another useful reference.


LaFarfa model. Not always fashion heavy but still good.


Another La Farfa model and is often seen modeling plus-sized clothes on maybe clothing sites. She usually posts about once a day and always lists everything she wears, down to the shoes.

Another reason to pay attention to their posts is for the hashtags. You can find even more people and brands hanging out under these hashtags. Some of my suggestions are:

# ぽっちゃりコーデ

Those should give you a good head start.

Are you still with me? Take a break and grab a drink or a snack because we’re about to get into naming names (brand names) next!



Uniqlo sizes range from XS to XXXL. Sometimes some of their pant or skirt styles will only go up to an XXL, but if the band is stretchy, it might still work. I think Uniqlo is an excellent place to get a lot of staples and they have sales often. Prices vary.

Re-J & Supure

This shop carries sizes LL-4L. I would say this store is on the higher end of this list. Dresses, skirts, and pants are going to range from 3,500 to 6,000 yen typically. However, they offer everything from underwear to jackets to swimsuits. Styles range from casual to dressy.
*Also has physical locations


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ㅤ ■Alinomaのフェミニンコーデ ㅤ ソフトな着心地のブラウスにネイビーの花柄スカートで、華やかさの中にきちんと感もあるコーディネートです。 ㅤ <EMMAさんの感想は?> ブランド名どおりフェミニンで女性らしく、やわらかなデザインがとても好印象でした。ショッピングはもちろんデートにもおすすめ! ㅤ ————*coordinate *———— ㅤ ▼左 ㅤ *トップス:#FeminineSTORY →3L ㅤ *スカート:#FeminineSTORY →LL ㅤ ——————————————— モデル 〉〉 Kumaco:@kumikohirabara ——————————————— ㅤ ▼右 ㅤ ㅤ *トップス:#FeminineSTORY →6L ㅤ *スカート:#FeminineSTORY →3L ㅤ ——————————————— モデル 〉〉 EMMA:@emma.dream515 ——————————————— ㅤ ——————————————— URL 〉〉https://bit.ly/2U70M2c ——————————————— ㅤ ⇒気になった商品の詳細はプロフィールのURLにありますよ♪ @alinoma_official ㅤ #アリノマ #ぽっちゃり #ぽっちゃりコーデ #ラファーファ #ラファコーデ #スカート #ブラウス #春ファッション #花柄 #ぽちゃかわ #今日のコーデ  #フェミニン #双子コーデ ㅤ #alinoma #instagood #plussize #spring #plussizemodel #plussizefashion #pochative #code

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Carries sizes up to a 10L, however not all styles are available in larger forms. You would have to check the style or filter when you search, but that’s not too bad. Can find underwear through regular clothing. Prices go from about 1,400 yen and up!


This shop carries sizes LL-4L. Prices range from about 1,300 yen and up, though you can find things on sale on the website for as low as 500 yen! This store is also sometimes located within Aeon stores. Not all of them, but if you check the site, you might be able to find a location.


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. 写真をタップすると商品の購入ページへ飛べます☝️ ************** #gm 🌞 . . シリーズ累計22,000枚突破🎊 . 楽ちん・キレイを叶えるレギパンをご紹介💁‍♀️ . ウエストゴム仕様、ヨコ伸びストレッチ素材とはき心地のラクさを追求したレギンス風スキニーパンツ。 . 股下も2レングスから選べるので、ピッタリのサイズではけるのも嬉しいポイントです👌 . オフィスにも使える黒無地や白系ウィンドウペンチェックに加え コーデのアクセントになるドットやストライプもございます。 . . 是非サイトをチェックしてみてくださいね☺️ . . 👇商品情報はコチラ =============== Pants:すごく伸びるレギンス風スキニーパンツ(選べる2レングス) 商品番号:ZZY0117F3041 ¥1790~ (+tax) . モデル身長170cm・Mサイズ着用 . =============== . #fashion#nissen#ootd#ニッセン#coordinate#通販#code#NET通販#コーデ#style#19SS#エヌジョ#newarrival#新作#20代コーデ#30代コーデ#お洒落さんと繋がりたい#シンプル#大人カジュアル#オトナカジュアル#シンプルコーデ#キレカジ#オフィスカジュアル #レギパン#Pants#通勤服#Basic#ベーシック

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Has a little bit of everything and carries sizes LL-10L. I like Nissen because you can ship to conbini and pick up. The clothes are nice too, and there’s such a wide variety from which to choose.


Belluna/RyuRyu also carries a variety of styles of clothing from casual to dressy. Sizes start at a regular S and go all the way through to about a 6L. This is another site where not all styles are available in large sizes, but if you filter the results by size, you still have a ton of options. Prices go from below 1,000 and get higher from there.


Offers sizes LL-4L. Clette offers clothing that ranges from casual to dressy. On average you’re going to spend about 3,000 yen for an article of clothing.
It’s worth noting that Clette offers world shipping straight from their regular site.

A Happy Marilyn

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. 北海道の皆様、この度の震災に際し、心よりお見舞い申し上げます。 . 1日でも早く通常の生活に戻られます事を心よりお祈り致しております。 . . ______________________ . こんにちは❤️まりりんのおもちです❤️ . 今年はチェックみたい!!!なので . カワイイの探して着てみたよ🙋 . 2点セットのネルシャツワンピ、ロングスカートと合わせました😆 ・ おもちは前が閉まらなかった😳から羽織で。 . 何ともいえないチェックのカラーでグッと秋らしく💕 . これでオシャレの秋を楽しめちゃうね💕 . . あっ!そうそう。小さい秋見つかりましたかー? . 私見つけました!!草むらゴソゴソしてみたら、いたいた! . 【秋の虫たち🐛】 . おっきなバッタにおっきなカマキリ。コオロギだってもう大きい。 . 秋の虫たちを沢山見つけました💓 . 力強く成長している虫達。夜になるとなき声でも秋を知らせてくれますね。 . 風流だなぁ~🌔 . 今週も、さぁ、秋を満喫しましょう❤️❤️❤️ . . . 9/14発売  2点セット ロゴ tシャツ と チェック ネルシャツ ワンピース アンサンブル 【おもち5Lサイズ着用】 . 楽天マリリントップページより【857403】で検索してください! . . 9/24発売予定  ファースリッポン モカシンローファー 【おもちM/23.0-23.5㎝サイズ着用】 . 楽天マリリントップページより【857465】で検索してください! . . デニムスカート近日発売予定 . . . . #ahappymarilyn #ハッピーマリリン #マリリン #followme #fashion #ファッション #r_fashion #楽天 #ぽっちゃりコーデ #大きいサイズ #プラスサイズ #ぽっちゃり #コーディネート #ぽちゃコーデ #ママコーデ #coordinate #ootd #outfit #おしゃれ #ぽっちゃりさんと繋がりたい #チェックシャツ #ロングシャツ #シャツワンピ #秋コーデ #ロングスカート #ff #instagood #instafashion #インスタ映え #インスタ

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A Happy Marilyn carries sizes LL-10L. I would say the clothing is more on the casual side due to the fabrics used. You’ll find items starting from about 1200 yen.

Whew! That was a lot of work. But there’s still one more thing.


Rakuten has many places that sell plus size clothing. A lot of these stores are also available on Rakuten as well. This means you can get points or, if you live overseas, might be able to purchase and have it shipped EMS.

If it isn’t a brand that you have bought before, I definitely recommend checking the measurements and also reading the reviews (if you read Japanese) for the clothes that you’re thinking about buying.

Okay. Did you find this helpful?

My next clothing post will be about my favorite place to get shoes since I wear a size 26.

But until then, I hope you check out some of these shops and let me know what you think!

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