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Where to Find Makeup in Japan as a WOC

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A common question I always get is what to pack when moving to Japan. I even wrote a blog post about what you should bring, though admittedly, I am ready to update the list now that I’ve acquired more knowledge. On that list, I suggest you bring your makeup when you move to Japan, especially if you are a woman of color. But let’s say you run out and need some before you can make it home. What do you do then? Hopefully, you come across this post, because I’m going to give you ideas on where to find makeup in Japan (or online) if you are a woman of color.

I’m going to give you one physical store that carries foundations for deeper complexions (I’m talking much deeper than me) as well as retailers that ship to Japan at reasonable prices.

NYX Professional Makeup Store

Let’s say you’re in Japan already (particularly in or around Tokyo) and don’t want to wait for shipping. My first suggestion is going to be to check out the NYX store in Shibuya. Located right near the Meijijingu-Mae Station on the Tokyo Metro, I was surprised to find that this store actually carries deeper foundation colors in store. I say this because places like MAC and NARS don’t stock shades that go past medium here, so that makes this a good alternative.


Colourpop has come in CLUTCH while I’ve been in Japan. They have everything you need for a full face, and I love their matte liquid lipsticks as well. Another thing that makes them great, they offer free international shipping for orders over $50.


My next recommendation is to go straight to the beauty source and shop at Sephora. Sephora offers a flat rate shipping option (1,500 yen) when you spend over 10,000yen, which if you’re into makeup or skin care can be considered light work. My only complaint is that some brands cannot be shipped to Japan, with NARS being one of them.

Fenty Beauty

Finally, Fenty Beauty also offers international shipping, the prices of which are based on the weight and destination of your order. Fenty Beauty made waves when they released their foundations because of the range of shades they offer. I particularly love their Match Stixs.

For all of the places mentioned above, I would recommend checking out not only their foundations but the other products as well. I sometimes have trouble with makeup colors running too cool in Japan or just not working well with my skin tone, and having more of the options that I’m used to is never a bad thing…well it is for my wallet.

I hope this list helped you a little bit. If you have any other recommendations on where to find makeup, please let me know in the comments! I would love to hear!

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