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Pattern Review: Papercut Patterns Nova Coat

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I’m back and picking up like I never left with a review of a patter that I completed this past February!

This pattern is the Nova Coat by Papercut Patterns. Per their description, it’s a fully lined oversized cocoon coat with angled seaming. The pattern allows for a short or long version as well as options for short or long sleeves.

Side Note

Do you know what the difference between a coat and a jacket is? I was curious so I Googled it. Apparently a coat is heavier in weight and is hip length or longer while jackets stop at the hip.

Since the pattern allows for a short or long version and you can choose your fabrics, technically you can make a jacket or a coat version. Mine is definitely a coat because I used a heavy fabric (cashmere/wool) and I decided to make the long version with long sleeves instead of short.

Why did I choose to make the Papercut Patterns Nova Coat?

I’ve never made a coat, but I wanted to try. This pattern seemed appealing because it doesn’t have any zippers or buttons to worry about. I figured it would be very straightforward and there is a plethora of blog and youtube sources since this is such a popular pattern.

What fabric did I use?

I decided to use a rose colored cashmere/wool blend that I purchased from Fabric Mart Fabrics. The lining was a charmeuse that I bought from Joann’s. I wanted something slippery on the inside so that no matter what I wear, I can easily slip in and out of it.

In hindsight, I don’t think I was prepared to work with these fabrics. It was my first time using both and it was hard for me to work with them together. If I were a complete beginner at sewing, I would choose something a little sturdier.

Inside of my Papercut Patterns Nova Coat


The pattern goes from size 1 to size 8. I made mine a size based on my measurements. HOWEVER, because this jacket is designed to be oversized, I would highly recommend sizing down. Or at the very least, I would suggest that you make a muslin to test the sizes before you cut into your good fabric.

Papercut Patterns Nova Coat view from the front

Was the Nova Coat difficult to make?

Actually, no.

I think an adventurous beginner can tackle this pattern. It will be easier if you use a sturdy fabric, but it isn’t necessary.

You assemble the coat in two parts, the outer first and then the lining. Then you simply attach them to each other using a type of bagging method. There are no surprises. Finally, after pulling the coat inside out, you finish the last seam on the inside of the jacket with hand-stitching.

I think it took me a while to complete my jacket simply due to inexperience with working with these two fabrics and working with them together.

The only part that was mildly difficult was the bottom of the jacket on the inside. I feel as though my lining is just a little too baggy there (and along the sides). However, I think this is more my error.

Overall Thoughts:

I love the pattern.

I wore my coat almost every day during the winter. Since I love my coat so much, I have plans to tackle a two toned one for my spring/fall wardrobe. This second version will be linen (navy and lilac) and I do plan to size down a bit so I don’t feel like I’m swimming in it. I think I’m also going to do short sleeves instead of long.

So, that means that the Papercut Patterns Nova Coat is a winner!

Back of the Papercut Patterns Nova Coat

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