5 Things to Pack When Moving to Japan

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I’m entering my 2nd week of being back in the United States, and I have already started collecting the things I need to bring back to Japan with me. While you can get most anything you need in Japan, you do have to be prepared to search for it and pay more than you usually would. Importing is also an option, but if you can bring it with you, you might as well.

So here are the things I suggest you bring with you to Japan.

#1 – Hair Products

You can find hair products in Japan. If you are the type that likes to experiment, there are plenty of items available for that purpose. However, if you have a routine and need specific products and don’t want to work around that, then you need to bring as much of your hair items as you can.

(At a future date, I will do a post on Japanese hair products and home concoctions that I use in Japan)

#2 – Bras

There are places where you can buy bras for larger bust sizes in Japan. For me, it has been more cost-effective and less time-consuming just to bring what I need from home. Also, if you can fit the bras that are easy to find, be prepared for a lot of padding in them.

#3 – Vitamins/Ibuprofen

More items you can find in Japan, but I prefer to get at home. Strength/nutritional values are different between the Japanese and American versions, so I just bring my own or visit a doctor if I’m sick to get medication from them instead. Please be away that some medicines are not allowed into the country, and you should check before just tossing it in your suitcase.

#4 – Makeup

If your skin is approaching golden and beyond, if you wear foundation, go ahead and bring your shade. I haven’t found mine in Japan yet, so I either order online or when I’m home I bring back two bottles.

#5 – Shoes (if your foot is above a 9.5)

Sneakers are much more easy for me to find since I can always wear men’s. However, looking for cute shoes for women is not as easy. H&M does have my size, but the styles are limited. Once again, you can order shoes online, but if you have space in your suitcase, I suggest throwing them in there from the start.

This was my list of 5 essentials to make sure you pack for Japan, but what about you? Have you moved/been to Japan? What do you suggest bringing?

Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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