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Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing.

I hope everyone is doing their best to stay safe and positive during these times. I know a lot of people still have to work or may be out of work and things are possibly tough right now, but I’m always here if you want to leave a comment or hit me up on my social media to talk.

As for me, I’m working from home until further notice. I’ve also cut back on the amount of time I’ve been spending watching the news because I was starting to get overwhelmed and negative. Instead, I’ve been focusing more on working out indoors. I just started yoga and meditating. My friend also runs a donation based core lab on Mon-Weds-Fri that I’m going to try out this week (http://www.instagram.com/akeemdavidberry is his IG handle if you want to see what he’s about. I’m updating from my phone and can’t make the link shorter. Sorry!)

I’ve found that trying to keep active as well as doing other things I like such as puzzles, reading, and, of course, video games has been helping me to turn the experience of having to stay indoors into a good once.

I encourage everyone, even if it’s something small, to do something that will brighten your day as often as possible!

Stay safe everyone!

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