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For Those Days When Nothing Goes Right

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To the me that is trying to get her shit together but some days just literally malfunctions, I want you to always remember:

You are human

I know there are some days where you do everything right and it can feel feel like you’re invincible. Then there are days much like today (and yesterday) where you get in your head/in your own way and it feels like you’re a wrecking ball without a target just ripping through a town.

It’s okay.

Try as hard as you might, you’re still human and there will be days where you don’t handle everything as perfectly as you wish. Sure, you can always do better, but in any given moment you can only do the best that you can. Sometimes mistakes happen.

Mistakes are opportunities for you to grow

Since you’re human and mistakes happen, don’t forget that mistakes are just opportunities to grow.

You obviously realized that you could’ve handled something more efficiently. Figure out what could’ve been better and then commit to applying those changes.

You will get closer to your ideal as long as you applying what you’ve learned along the way.

You’re still loved

No one on this planet has to love you unconditionally.

But do you love you unconditionally?

We both know the answer is yes. Which is why when you make mistakes, you will forgive yourself and move on.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Regardless of what your tweets say, you’re not a train wreck. You’re actually amazing. You recognize when you’re part of the problem and try to figure out a way to become the solution instead. Personal growth? Committed.

It’s understandable to be disappointed in yourself at times. However, don’t dwell there and don’t be too harsh. Again, you’re not perfect.

Try to do better next time

I already know you will because you hate feeling ashamed of your own antics but I’ll say it anyway. Just try to do better next time. There will probably always be another test and with each one you’ll become more adept at handling it.

You got this.

And you’re also the best.

With love,


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