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NYX Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush Swatches

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I only own three of these, but I figured I would swatch them anyway. These are the NYX Sweet Cheeks Creamy Powder Blush. Actually…I think I own four of these but I have to hunt for the last one.

Anyway, these are pretty pigmented and I reach for them as often as I can for someone who owns a ton of blush. They come in two formulas, matte and glow. Matte Rose & Play looks a little chalky in the swatch, but it does look nice on. I think I use the Citrine Rose the most when I do reach for these.

I would buy more colors. I’m not sure they’re creamy, but they do go on easily and pigmented.

Right now, I’m in the process of swatching my collection, which helps me see what I have and fall in love with/use the things I already have instead of constantly buying more. So, stay tuned if you want to see more.


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