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Lululun Regional Sheet Mask Types in Japan

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If you are into the current sheet mask craze, the brand Lululun releases special regional sheet masks in Japan.

The regional sheet masks are scented with the product that the area is most well known for and uses other local ingredients as well. As stated on the Lululun website, the idea is that when you use the mask, the scent will bring back memories of your trip.

If you’re interested in collecting these masks but don’t read Japanese, here is a current (as of 3/29/2018) list from the website of the types they have available.

*This is not a complete list of ingredients, just an overview of the notable ones highlighted on the site

  1. Okinawa

    1. Shikuwasa Scent– which also has passion fruit extract and hibiscus extract
    2. Barbados Cherry (acerola) Scent – also has goya extract and Okinawa mozuku (seaweed)
    3. Citrus Scent– aloe vera extract、sponge gourd extract
    4. Hibiscus Scent– shell ginger extract, orthosiphon aristatus extract
  2.  Kyoto

    1. Green Tea Scent– sakura extract, silkworm cocoon extract, tea plant oil 茶実
    2. Maiko Skin Mask – Japan wax(モクロウ), tea leaf extract, sake lees (lees are the leftover parts from making sake. Thanks Google!)
  3. Seto

    1. Lemon Scent- Japanese maple leaf extract, honey, silver vine extract
  4. Kyushu

    1. Amaou Strawberry Scent- Fukuoka Amaou strawberry extract, Fukuoka devil weed extract, and a ceramide derived from Fukuoka soy sauce
  5. Hokkaido

    1. Lavender Scent– blue honeysuckle, lime tree honey, job’s tears extract
    2. Melon Scent – Hokkaido kelp, Hokkaido blue shiso (perilla) extract
    3. Woody Scent – honey, blue shiso extract
    4. Lilac Scent – blue honeysuckle, sea buckthorn extract
  6. Tochigi

    1. Strawberry Scent- Tochiotome strawberry water, barley extract, strawberry seed extract
  7. Hawaii

    1. Plumeria Scent – candlenut oil, coconut oil, pineapple extract, deep sea water,  lime juice, kiwi extract


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