JLPT N1 Afterthoughts

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Before Utada Hikaru, there was the JLPT N1.

The first time I attempted the N1 was in July. I wasn’t very close to passing at the time. However, I decided to study and give it a go for December.  In the link below, you can see my chosen study methods for the JLPT N1.

Studying for the JLPT N1

The Good:

The day of the test, I was very calm. I didn’t find the listening section to be too hard, which was a relief.

The Bad:

Despite haven gotten through the complete Kanzen Master grammar book, I still struggled a little on grammar. Also, some of the sections on the reading was tougher than expected.

The Ugly:

Vocabulary. No matter how I try to compensate in other areas, my vocabulary knowledge is too weak.

The New Game Plan:

I’m taking a break from the JLPT until December. During this time, I have to work harder on my vocabulary. This means learning new words AND actively using them. Having a more extensive vocabulary is the main building block to building sentences and reading, so I need to start there.

I don’t expect my grade to be passing for this test, but I do suspect it will be an improvement over July’s test grades. Unfortunately, the results won’t be announced until late January/early February.

Did anybody else take the December JLPT? If so, what level and how did you think you do? Anybody planning to take the test in July?

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