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It’s May!

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I almost can’t believe we are halfway through May! How are you guys hanging in there?

As more time goes by, I feel as though I don’t want to go back to how life was before. I know it isn’t the same for everyone, but I enjoy not having to go out or commute. I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the simple pleasures of just being home.

I promised myself this year that I would focus on taking care of my health (weight) and my finances (working towards being debt-free). Throughout this pandemic, my image of what that means has been evolving. To share one idea, I decided I want to start gardening and create a compost pile. Since I cook everything from scratch now, I figured that starting to grow some vegetables isn’t a bad idea. It also makes sense to try composting since I often have fruit and veggie scraps. This has led me to spend much more time on the Home Depot website and other blogs on gardening than I usually would have. Seeing all types of gardens and homegrown produce has left me feeling very inspired!

Seriously, what is more exciting than starting a new project?

I did order some materials, so I can’t wait to share when it comes in, and I get my garden bed going.

My gardening adventures will be part of a new blog section dedicated to me striving towards my version of “simple living.”

But let’s talk more about that next time. I have to put together a piece of furniture tonight, and it’s getting late already 🙂

If you have any favorite gardening, simple living, and/or modern homestead blogs that you enjoy, drop them in the comments!

Until next time!

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