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Garden Appreciation Post

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This is just a quick post to show my garden some appreciation. I started a garden at the start of lockdown since I would be home to tend to it. Gardening has quickly become one of my more fulfilling lockdown activities.

Things were a little rough at first. If you follow me on twitter you would know this. It seemed like every day I was posting about chasing foxes, deer and rabbits nibbling on my plants, and random groundhogs. However, I somehow managed to make an agreement with the local wildlife and they left my garden alone. Now we are at the point where the garden is producing vegetables for me.

My first little peppers
This guy was tiny one day and literally this huge less than three days later.
Shishito Peppers. Apparently they’re delicious roasted, so I can’t wait to try!
I have so many jalapeños. I bought some bacon and cheese to make poppers.
My first eggplant! Another one is in the works
Hello, Carrot
My lone strawberry

There is also basil, mint, oregano, thyme, cayenne peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers that are slowly doing their thing.

I’m thinking next year I want to expand. Hopefully my human will be here and can help me.

Are you gardening this season? What are some gardening essentials? Help a newbie (me) out!

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