Learning to Code #1

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I’ve sat down to write this entry about six times, and each time, I haven’t been sure of what approach to take. It’s not very interesting, but I’ve decided to take my coding adventures more seriously. As proof, last year I signed up for a Blueprint through Skillcrush…and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing with it until this year.

At the moment, I’m working on both Skillcrush and FreeCodeCamp concurrently. Since the start of both is HTML/CSS, it’s an excellent review of things I already know and seeing both approaches keeps things interesting. I’m currently working on responsive website building in both programs.

I’ve tried to refresh my current knowledge so I can move on to learning new things before, but I would never stick to it for very long. However, my current workplace has been a great motivator. I’ve been seeking out ways to challenge myself to grow, and this has been perfect. I look forward to my coding time at the end of the days as it is a break from work and school work that is fun.

I intend to write little updates on my progress here, especially as I start working on projects in June. So, this is just a heads up.

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