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Finding Positivity in the X of Swords

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Part of my morning routine includes taking the time out to ponder over tarot cards while I journal. I usually ask 1-3 questions and then journal on what they mean to me and my current status/situation.

This morning I had the pleasure of asking, as I usually do, “what do I need to let go of today?”

The answer?

The X of Swords.

Now, whatever deck you look at, the ten of swords is not a pretty card. There’s hardly any hope in the meaning either. It represents a traumatic or sudden ending. My dude is getting stabbed in the back, so you also get the added flavor of betrayal. It’s a card full of shock, hurt, and pain and so given that I feel as though I’m going through something seemingly devastating, it makes sense that I would need to let that go.

However, for whatever reason, today was the day I realized something about this card. Something that has been staring me in my face from the beginning. 

The number of this card is TEN. 

The journey through the minor arcana goes from one (ace) to ten and thus, ten is the end of a cycle.

Today I came to the realization that whatever happened, happened. It’s over. The moment is done.

And the only reason why it still hurts is because I’m the one replaying the events and keeping myself there. By taking up the identity of the victim in this situation, I am blocking myself from letting a closed cycle officially end. Which also means that I’m blocking my new beginnings.

Because that’s what happens with cycles. Something ends so that something else can begin. 

For whatever reason, I thought that was pretty cool. I didn’t meet the same fate as homeboy on the card so I have the ability to learn whatever I can, dust myself off, and move along to something new.

And that made my day a bit brighter.

So I’m passing that message along to whoever needs it. Take a look at where you might be replaying or living in a past that no longer serves you or is already over and see what you need to do to move on from there.

Because greater and more exciting beginnings await you on the other side.

Until next time.

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